Friday, February 11

Thursdays: Traffic Engineering Terms

Thursdays of the week is the time to enrich your knowledge in traffic engineering. The following definitions of traffic engineering terms were taken from Dr. Ricardo Sigua in his book Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering published by the University of the Philippines Press in 2008. The terms are quoted below:

Density – the number of vehicles in a given length of road at an instant point in time.

Design speed – the maximum safe speed that can be maintained over a specified section of highway when conditions are so favorable that the design features of the highway govern.

Dijkstra’s algorithm – a procedure used in route assignment stage of the four-step model to determine the shortest path from one node of the network to another.

Diplomatic vehicles – motor vehicles owned by a foreign government or by their diplomatic officials in the Philippines.

Disaggregate choice model – a method used for determining modal split, which assumes that a person will use a particular mode with maximum utility for him.

ETC – Electronic Toll Collection; an ITS application

Expressway – a major divided highway designed for high-speed travel, having few or no intersections; also called freeway or limited access highway.”

Other terms will be posted next week. So, wait and learn more.

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