Friday, October 30

[Comments on] Joint Knowledge Sharing Event on Transport, Urban and Energy Nexus Opportunities for Low Carbon Development

The Transport, Urban and Energy Sector Groups, in collaboration with the Climate Change & DRM Thematic Group, organised a Joint Knowledge Sharing Event on Transport, Urban and Energy Nexus Opportunities for Low Carbon Development. The event took place at LRC 3, ADB Headquarters last 20 October 2015, 12:00 - 1:30 pm.

Presentation 1
The first topic on Waste-to-Fuel Technologies was presented by Nawon Kim (EAEN). She discussed that she and other participants visited Korea's mature waste-to-fuel technologies and learned a lot from this ADB-funded week-long training. Interestingly, we can actually generate fuel from our waste and use it for vehicles. Wastes can potentially benefit us when we turn them into good use as such! Would these waste-to-fuel technologies be adopted in other countries? Let's hope and and see that these technologies will gain much traction in the region.

Presentation 2
Keiichi Tamaki (SAUW) discussed Electric Vehicle-based Public Transportation. He presented electric vehicle-based transport in Nepal and how this has been increasingly used in other Asean countries.

Presentation 3
The last topic on Integrated Mass Transit Corridors was energetically presented by duo David Margonsztern (CWUW) and Lloyd Wright (SDAS). Cities across the region would benefit from lesser congestion and carbon emissions when integrated mass transit corridors are developed. This introduces new paradigm in conceptualizing projects to be cross cutting in different subsectors and able to deliver better services.

Tuesday, May 26

Skylab or Habal-habal

“Skylab” or also locally known as “habal-habal” is an informal mode of transport common in Mindanao which serves as taxi specially in going to remote areas. This is a motorcycle but with parallel wooden planks attached on both sides of the vehicle in order to accommodate more passengers. Drivers of such have excellent balancing skills whilst traversing rocky, hilly, watery or muddy paths. To see high resolution of the photo, click the following link: