Sunday, May 15

Idling but Productively

A glimpse of engineer-einjel's journal

The last entry before this post was dated March 8! What the heck?! What happened in two months of no update or blog posts? Oh my golly...

Readers surely deserve new information regarding transportation engineering. Whew!

But to get things started, I might as well share briefly what really happened in the last two months.
1) Successfully presented my MS thesis among my panel members
2) Completed the thesis book
3) Finally, graduated with MS degree in CE major in Transportation. What can be better than this?! All glory to God!
4) Accepted a teaching post in a private school
5) More options for career are coming. Yey!
6) Preparing required documents for EASTS Conference which will be held abroad. My first time to go out of the country. Yey again!

Its been awhile. The 2-month break was enough to be filled with more knowledge for me to get things going. I miss this blog. I miss writing. I miss you, dear readers. And I'm returning again. This time, I hope to give you insights from a more mature and experienced perspective as I had moved from school to work life. More posts to come. Ciao! :)