Tuesday, September 18

Vehicle Repair / Spare Parts Shop Haven in the Philippines

I've been a transport engineer for quite some time but I haven't been informed very much about cars or vehicles. What a big gap in knowledge considering that vehicles constitute one third of the road environment (drivers/human, road, and vehicle)!

But I'm glad that there are opportunities to learn through friends who have been generous and patient in teaching me.

Last July 7, a close friend of mine requested me to accompany him to Banawe Street in Quezon City to have his car's windshield be repaired. This I've gladly agreed to join him.

I was amazed seeing a haven of vehicle repair and spare parts shops on both sides of the street. Going there on a Saturday even emphasized booming business that caters to the needs of vehicle users. The four lane road became a two-way road only since vehicles being repaired were lined up along side street. My friend said that if a car needed some repairs then this place is where car owners would definitely go to.

Repair, vehicle window tint and shading, etc. Name it! Everything you'll ever need can be found there. Excellent mechanics are also available in this place. Be careful though that you approach someone who knows well about the specific car part you want to be repaired.

Photos of Banawe Street during our visit can be found here.