Sunday, February 27

Road Trip to Subic

A glimpse of engineer-einjel's journal

It has always been joy for me to travel for whatever purpose there may be. The wonderful promise that at the end of every long and tiring road trip, or short but relaxing flight, or engine-deafening water transfers which will eventually bring me to my desired destination is such a delight. If the place is a tourist destination, a white sandy beach, densely tree-covered area, historic relic, or any faraway place from the city plus a good company of awesome friends, then, surely the road trip is a bliss.

Early this month, I had been privileged to join my friends' site inspection team for a wedding venue in Subic. I enjoyed every minute of it. But if I was the driver may be it's another story, haha. I was able to see and observe NLEX and SCTEX leisurely. Yes, here comes my transport side again! I think this will always show no matter where I go or what I do.

Our group happened to pass by some road accident between two vehicles along NLEX which have significantly caused slow movement for all vehicles. So this was the reason why there was quite a "traffic" along the Candaba area at that time. Both vehicles involved in the mishap were badly dented and one of them was overturned. Good thing, no one was hurt in that incident. This is why it is always important to observe speed limits even if driving along expressways.

Proceeding to SCTEX, there were very few motorists along this roadway. The more exciting it is to speed up. But no, caution and safety in driving should still be observed. My impression of SCTEX as a straightway to heaven because of its geometry still whispered during the entire travel. The view - green green field, was so serene and life boosting. Yes, I want to be as faraway as possible from city life for this moment. Everything I saw were the best breather.

After more than two hours, our group reached Subic Bay and we began scouting for resorts ideal for wedding venue. There were a lot to choose from but the couple's budget is the biggest determining factor. So we let them have their pick. Seeing the couple being expectant and hopeful of all things give much joy to me. Truly, it is a wonderful hope for the fulfillment of their vows soon. The picture below shows one of the best views we enjoyed while visiting possible venues. Finally, the couple has chosen a place for their wedding by the beach come May. Sorry, no photos will be posted about this venue because they wanted it to be a surprise for most friends and family members.

Then, we had our lunch before going back to QC. No, we actually headed to Intramuros! We toured Fort Santiago and had our own “reception” dinner while our couple friends attended a wedding. We waited for them and finally we had coffee to end the day. It was a very long day but my favorite road trip so far! J

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