Tuesday, July 6

Wang wang and all the jazz!

Engineer Einjel thinking out loud:
It has been quite a while since the last time I shared some thoughts in Transportation Engineering Philippines.

Hey, President Noynoy Aquino have been in command for more than a week now. I do remember the way he mentioned in his inaugural speech that there'll be no WANG WANGs on the road anymore in his administration. Then true enough, a lot of VIPs or no VIPs, law enforcers or pretending to be law enforcers, etc who have been using devices to get pass the traffic have surendered their gadgets as said in the news report last night. I hope this will truly be implemented for the rest of P. Noynoy's term.

Then, there were a lot of road accident reports again. It's about time to have a collaborative action among motorists, traffic enforcers, public and private entities about this. Life is a gift. Let us not lose it by mere human error on the road. :)