Thursday, March 4

Top 10 Most Heavily Traveled Corridor in MM

Annual Average Daily Traffic or AADT is estimated as the total volume counted over one year divided by the number of days in the year.

Traffic Engineering Center of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) conducts a yearly volume count (AADT) for the major thoroughfares in Metro Manila. The latest data as of March 2010 is that of year 2008 study. The TOP 10 MOST HEAVILY TRAVELED CORRIDORS are:


2) Quezon Ave. / Commonwealth

3) Katipunan

4) SSH

5) Roxas Blvd.

6) Marcos Highway

7) Magsaysay Blvd. / Aurora Blvd.

8) A. H. Lacson / Pres. Quirino

9) Ortigas Ave.

10) Araneta Ave.


  1. where'd you get your data? could you email me at

  2. Hi! The above information came from MMDA records.

  3. do you have the exact figures? i'm currently doing a project on looking for the best places to place billboards. i would be a great help if you could give me the actual data or tell me how i could get access of it. please email me. i am the same guy who commented previously.

  4. ola! i hope you've checked your mail.. :)

  5. Hi! Are the MMDA traffic count records available to the public online?

  6. No, i can't find it in their website.

  7. HI can you also send me the mmda files you used?

  8. Hi! Can you share the exact figures or how to access the report where this post is based on? Am also conducting a study on billboards.
    Can you email me at


  9. CAN YOU ALSO PLEASE SEND ME THE EXACT RECORDS? am researching the traffic in Ortigas Ave and it would be of great help. Thanks!

  10. guys, sorry.. the data i obtained then were strictly for academic purposes only. please secure your own copy from the mmda office. you'll just need to write a letter to their traffic engineering division and a very valid reason rest assured that agency data are supposed to be public documents.

  11. hi! we are currently conducting a research about congestion in metro manila. Can you email me your files for aadt? We've already wrote a letter to mmda but the letter is still pending, and the deadline for our paper is approaching. e-mail address:
    Thank you

  12. hi! we are currently conducting a research about congestion in metro manila. Can you send me your files for aadt? we've already wrote a letter to mmda and the letter is still pending; but the deadline for our paper is approaching. email address:
    thank you!