Thursday, March 11

Road Accidents

Engineer-einjel's note:

More than two years passed since I started to hear and learn about road accidents - its implications in a society's economy, lives lost, damaged properties, and medical costs. I did not have much journals or articles to read but my environment showed me the different issues with regard to road accidents.

Yesterday when I started to work on a road accident database, my perception and understanding of road accidents became deeper. As I read and noted every news clippings that tells about an accident, it gave a heavy burden in my heart. Take for instance this - "A man was run over by a huge truck cutting him into two at his midsection". Whew! A 50-year old house help was accidentally hit by a motorcycle which resulted to her death. The driver of a jeepney filled with teenagers which came from a beach party lose control of the vehicle's steering wheel, causing it to swerve to the right, flipped over many times, and turned turtle.

I remember even the times my father and brother encountered a motorcycle accident, a friend and his brother in another motorcycle accident as well. I could share a lot more accidents...

Only then have I realized how BIG really is the issue on ROAD SAFETY. There's a lot of folders to go through but I have somehow found a desire to finish it all and contribute to the road safety programs of the center.

Ciao! Back to work! =)

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