Sunday, October 25

Traffic Signs

Are you a true motorist? Then you should know by heart the different traffic or road signs. These signs are posted at the sides of roads to provide information and guide motorists.

Most traffic signs in the Philippines follow the Vienna Convention except for the MMDA's pink colored road signs.

So, what are the different traffic signs?

Regulatory Signs

  1. Stop

  2. Yield

  3. Speed Limit

  4. No right/left turn

  5. No U-turn

  6. Right/Left turn or Straight through only

  7. Bus Lane

  8. Bike Lane

  9. Do NOT Enter

  10. No Tricycles/ Pedicab

Warning Signs

  1. Turn/Curve Ahead

  2. Intersection

  3. Pavement condition

  4. Railroad/Light Rail

  5. Speed Humps

Guide Signs

  1. Destination and Distance

  2. Expressway

  3. Road Work Information

It is important to know and understand what these signs mean for your safety.

**To view some traffic signs, click PICTURES OF ROAD TRAFFIC SIGNS.


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