Tuesday, October 27

PALexpress Experience from Manila to Tuguegarao

Last Saturday, 24 October 2009, I traveled back home to Tuguegarao for semester break. The journey was one of my memorable trips because that was my first time to ride an airplane in going home. For the past six years, I usually travel by bus wherein the trip takes about 12 hours. Now, let me share how i got into this new exciting trip.

Purchase of Ticket. PAL posted an airfare promo in Philippine Daily Inquirer on the second week of August. I immediately grabbed the chance to book a very cheap round trip flight Manila-Tuguegarao-Manila. The total airfare was P1,592. If this amount is compared to a de luxe bus fare which costs P700 or a total of P1,400 for round trip, thus, airfare is relatively cheap and acceptable.

Other Benefits of Air Travel. Air travel time from Manila to Tuguegarao is only one hour while bus travel time is 12 hours. In air travel though there is actually some required added waiting time which is about two hours before boarding. The total of three hours for air travel is still shorter than when traveling by bus.

During the date of departure, I left Diliman, Quezon City around 6:30 am and arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 around 8:00 am. Too early for actual time of departure at 10:30 am. I think I was so excited to go home. Then, I waited patiently for the check-in and boarding.

At exactly 11:15 am, the plane took off the runway. The aircraft was Bombardier Q400 type of airplane, a 76-seater that has turboprop engines. This type of aircraft is smaller than the airbus type I have flown with and its movements can easily be felt by passengers. As the plane flew up above the sky, I saw the aerial view of Manila Bay, the cottony and fluffy clouds, and very bright sky. Though engines were blaring noisily, a seat mate who is an OFW engaged me in small talk and my iPod played my favorite songs definitely made the trip enjoyable.

Around 11:30 am, the co-pilot announced that the plane is already above Cabanatuan City. Then, the noisy engines and small talk continued. I was unmindful of the time until the crew announced that the plane was nearing the approach of Tuguegarao airport. Then, I felt the plane turning, passing above the riverside area, Tanza-Balzain Junction, Jollibee Tanza, Brickstone Mall, and residential areas. At 12:15 pm, the plane finally landed in Tuguegarao City.

Two thumbs up for the trip! I might get used to this mode of transport in going home to my home province. How about you? What can you share about your new trip or latest adventure? You can share by commenting below.

Update:Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2009 11:11 PM Pacific Time

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