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Road Asset Management Workshop

ADB Transport Forum 2014

Road Asset Management Workshop
18-19 September 2014, 9:00 to 12:30

Highlights of the Workshop:

Day 1

Theuns Henning (Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Auckland) discussed road asset management with subtopics on data collection and the requirements, and monitoring strategy framework. Illustrative examples were presented on bridge prioritization and trend monitoring. Asset management decision making requires balancing the level of service (demand and capacity, functional performance) and the resources (available funds/investment) by managing risks using decision tools and financial analysis. Risk-based decision making was emphasized to create opportunities to save lives and costs.

Day 2

Theuns Henning showed the timeline of significant developments in New Zealand on road asset management. The government’s policy statement established the three key requirements: (a) economic growth and productivity; (b) value for money and; (c) improve safety towards better road asset management. Several ideas such as adapting business models, advanced asset management, and improved procurement process were also presented.

Pyeong Jun Yoo (Highway Research Division, Korea Institute of Construction Technology) presented their locally developed road asset management system in the Republic of Korea.

Nenita Jimenez (Planning Division, Department of Public works and Highway, Philippines) and Peter Knee (Philippines National Road Improvements and Management Program Phase 2 Consulting Team) presented an advanced road asset management in the Philippines wherein asset data are already in the web for deeper appreciation and easy access by engineers assigned in the tasks across the country. Also, issues in implementing road asset management such as sustainability of data collection, and resources for road asset management were discussed. 

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