Monday, August 5

Reaction to protest actions set vs planned LRT,MRT fare hike

There's a recent article that states that there are protest actions set vs planned LRT, MRT fare hike. This article was from this link:

My response:

I agree with the planned fare increase for MRT/LRT. Rail lines remained 479 route-km since 2008. The Philippines has been lagging compared to other Aisan countries e.g. Vietnam has 2,347km in 2011, Indonesia has 3,370km in 2008 and Thailand has 4,429km in 2008. Our country has only 20% of Vietnam's rail length. Ouch! I feel that every Filipino should understand this plight. Hopefully, gains from the increased fare will be earmarked for further development of the country's rail lines.

Here's the source of data for length of rail lines by country:

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