Tuesday, July 5

One bad waiting day

A glimpse of engineer-einjel's journal

June 27, 2011 Monday

7:20 AM
I went out of our house for work. I live in QC and I work in Manila. It was a Monday. There were a lot of people waiting for either jeep, bus, or FX. The crowd was composed of students, employees, etc.

7:45 AM
The people were competing for a ride towards each of their destinations. The buses, jeeps and FX were almost always full. I was still waiting as I actively compete with the people around me.

8:00 AM
I wasn't able to get a ride still.. Thinking that I might be late for work. Sigh.

8:10 AM
Fidgeting while observing how poor and bad the public transport is. Frowning, how easy it is to curse but I ended up praying instead and speaking a blessing for the drivers, the roads, the pedestrian, vehicles, and the transport environment.

I can't help but wish to go back to Korea where everything in the roads was in order. Yes, I just came back from a trip abroad and I can't help but compare what I see at the moment to what I saw and experienced there. My heart grieved with how bad our public transport is for the commuters. For taxpayers, this isn't fair.

8:20 AM
I was finally on board an FX. Thinking may be that is why God called me in this transport sector. I gotta move on as I hope for the best.

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  1. what do you think the problem in our public transport???