Friday, December 4

New MMDA Chairman

Former Quezon City Judge Oscar Inocentes have taken over Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chair post. He presided following the order by Malacanang dated December 1.

Though there were side comments regarding this story since former MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando have not yet submitted his resignation letter when Inocentes went to the MMDA Office and assumed his post. Bayani Fernando is now among the Vice President aspirants in the coming 2010 national elections.

Reports have quoted Inocentes saying that he will finish the ongoing projects of MMDA and reevaluate existing and future projects. Moreover, he will do more talk (that is, to engage illegal vendors along sidewalks into dialogues before any forceful eviction) and lesser force in implementing rules.

The public hopes that the newly appointed MMDA Chair would do his job excellently not forgetting that there are engineering principles and studies to solve Metro Manila's problem on traffic congestion.

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