Thursday, February 26

Traffic Rules and Regulations in the Philippines

Republic Act No. 8750 - Seat Belts Use Act

An act requiring the mandatory compliance by motorists of private and public vehicles to use seat belt devices, and requiring vehicle manufacturers to install seat belt devices in all their manufactured vehicles.

Republic Act No. 2000 - Limited Access Facilities Act

In this Act, The Toll Regulatory Board declares the North and South Luzon Expressways, including Balintawak to Tabang section of the North Luzon Expressway, as Limited Access Facilities or Expressways.

Republic Act No. 4136

An act to compile the laws relative to land transportation and traffic rules, to create a land transportation commission and for other purposes.

Republic Act No. 8794

An act imposing a Motor Vehicle User's Charge on owners of all types of Motor Vehicles and other purposes.

Section 7C of which provides penalties for overloaded trucks and trailers and prohibits vehicles that exceed the allowable gross vehicle weight or axle loads from proceeding the roadway. The axle load should not exceed 13,500 kgs or 13.5 metric tons.


  1. thank you :) it helped me in my homework in values. I'm currently in high school and i want to thank all the bloggers who do their best to help other people

  2. Hi! that's great to know that this post helped you a lot.. you're welcome =)

  3. .kindly help me for my thesis proposal(if their any possible topic) regarding in the traffic rules and regulation in the philippines.asap.tnx....


  4. Hi Micro,

    Its been a while but I hope you'd still have much time for your research. Would you be interested to investigate on the effectiveness of traffic rules and regulations by looking at the number of traffic violations and the factors that may have caused the violations?

    That's what I can think about for now. Just keep in touch.

  5. pre , we are in the same concerns ,currently im making my thesis proposal on the adherence of traffic rules and regulation at coc phinma coordinate me for more info 09069331705

  6. depende sa 5es kung engineering mas more on infrustructure

  7. ask ko lang kung ang serving ay violation ba?kasi kung titignan natin sa dictionary eh palilipat lang ito ng lane sa tamang paraan at gamit ang signal light

  8. Hi Anonymous! I assume you were referring to SWERVING. Swerving is not a traffic violation and the definition you mentioned should apply. Here's a post related to your query:

  9. korek ka jan.but violation comes in if in swerving to another lane you hit another vehicle or a pedestrian

  10. pano po ba kung intensional na mag break ang nasa harapan kahit wala naman dahilan para mag sudden stopped then i bumped his car because of his sudden brake,kasalanan ko po ba?

  11. sn po ako mkakakuha nang mga katulad nitong posts regarding traffic rules and regulations,.slamat

  12. is public vehicle allow to use service road?

  13. pwede po ba ang public vehicle sa service road

  14. hello

    i have read those helpful comments of yours
    could you also help me

    we need to develop a traffic and transport management program or projects aimed to address the challenges faced in metro manila through:
    1)traffic engineering
    2)traffic enforcement
    3)traffic education

    thank you...

    -transportation student

  15. i hope you can suggest what is the exemption of the law regarding the R.A 4136 we belong to the second road of the intersection. we are been hit by a pick up and our car has a damages on the right side of the front. while the other car was on the side. even if he hit us still he is not responsible for the damage because he belong to the National road or national highway. its because of this law that's why I want to know if this rules has an exemption.

  16. Hi transportation student,
    I find your school requirement to be too broad in scope.. i suggest that you choose a particular city, observe their traffic or transport problems and then recommend solutions to those problems. Start by identifying PROBLEMS then you can proceed with traffic and transport management program. Surely, you have great ideas regarding traffic or transport. If not, research and read good materials from the internet. Good luck!

  17. Hi Anonymous (October 5, 2011 9:52 AM),
    I regret to inform you that we really can't do away with that law... Vehicles coming from the priority/major roads have the right of way over those that come from the minor roads.

  18. Dapat lang na may LAW-ENFORCEMENT specially sa ating trapiko para matigil na ang mga abusadung dapat hindi rin aabusuhin sa ating mga traffic officers ang kanilang authorities.......

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    From. Bro OJNIL OF CEBU Toledo City