Friday, January 2

Free Graduate Study in Europe

It is true that you can get an online degree from an accredited university, or from an online degree accredited university. Now days, there are so many legitimate and reliable online university studies . But there are online college degree institutions that are only out to take your money and give you a worthless piece of paper. Browse through this sites for the best accredited online degree from the best reputation universities in Europe. The following list links you to engineering and technology courses sponsored by the in demand scholarship, ERASMUS MUNDUS.

Erasmus Mundus

Selected projects - Engineering, technology


* AMASE - Joint European Masters Programme in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
* ATOSIM - Atomic Scale Modelling of Physical, Chemical and Biomolecular Systems
* Comem Erasmus Mundus MSc - Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management
* EMARO - European Master in Advanced Robotics
* EMIN - Economics and Management of Network Industries
* EMM-Nano - Erasmus Mundus Master of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
* EMMEP - Erasmus Mundus Minerals and Environmental Programme
* EMMME - Erasmus Mundus Master of Mechnical Engineering
* EMMS - Joint European Masters Programme in Materials Science
* Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Photonics
* EU4M - European Union Master's Course in Mechatronic and Micro-mechatronic Systems
* EuMAS - European Masters Course in Aeronautics and Space Technology
* EURHEO: European Masters in Engineering Rheology
* EURO-AQUAE - Euro Hydro-Informatics and Water Management
* FUSION-EP European Master in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics
* GIM - MSc in Global Innovation Management
* IMMSSET - International Master in Materials and Sensors Systems for Environmental Technologies
* International Master "Vintage" : Vine, Wine and Terroir Management
* JEMES - Joint European Master Programme in Environmental Studies
* MaMaSELF - Master of Materials Science exploiting European Large Scale Facilities
* Master of Science in Computational Mechanics
* MATHMODS - Mathematical Modelling in Engineering: Theory, Numerics, Applications
* MEEES - Master's in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology
* MERIT - European Master of Research on Information and Communication Technologies
* M.E.S.C. - Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion
* ME3 - European joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy
* MONABIPHOT - Molecular nano- and bio-photonics for telecommunications and biotechnologies
* NordSecMob - Masters programme in Security and Mobile Computing
* OPSCITECH - Optics in Science and Technology
* SAMHC - Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions
* SEFOTECH.nut - European MSc in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition
* SpaceMaster - Joint European Master in Space Science and Technology
* VIBOT - European Master in Vision and Robotics

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